Our story begins in the Irish Channel after a St. Patrick's Day Parade


BarLaRue has been a reflection of "do something you enjoy" and "dream your life live your dreams" for us. We have had so much fun deconstructing, dreaming, reconstructing, dreaming, drinking, and bringing a vision to life. Whatever BarLaRue is used for we hope you enjoy this little white trailer as much as we do. Enjoy!  


BarLaRue has been a labor of love!  We have had so much fun dreaming, deconstructing, dreaming, reconstructing and bringing a vision to life.  However BarLaRue is used, we hope you enjoy this littlewhitetrailer as much as we do!

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— Hope K.

Before the owner decided to sell this little beauty, we strolled past it on our way to the St, Patrick's Day parade in New Orleans.  We almost knocked on the door to see if the owner wanted to sell. A few days later, it was posted for sale and we bought it not knowing what the future would bring. 


Through the help of friends and family and .trial and error....we created BarLaRue!